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    • Corn-on-the-Cob Days Parade - August 17th
    • Crazy Daze Costume Winner - Cakes Etc.
    • Corn-on-the-Cob Days Team of Horses
    • Crazy Daze in Plainview on July 17th
    • Classic Iron Tractor Club
    • Piper Hills Golf Course - 9 holes
    • Plainview Ag center for Wabasha County
    • Farmer's Market every Wednesday at Bennett's
    Corn-on-the-Cob Days Parade - August 17th1 Crazy Daze Costume Winner - Cakes Etc.2 Corn-on-the-Cob Days Team of Horses3 Crazy Daze in Plainview on July 17th4 Classic Iron Tractor Club5 Piper Hills Golf Course - 9 holes6 One of Plainview's agri-businesses7 Farmer's Market every Wednesday at Bennett's8
  • Focus on Farming!  Win up to 80% off lease in Focus-on-Farming Business Plan Competition
  • Space available in Telecom Lab!   Telecommute to work from secure broadband network; space starts at $75/month in the new Plainview Business Center Telecom Lab.
  • GoPlainview! Facebook page goes live; retail businesses promote Plainview via social media!
  • Coming up in October - Chamber/Alliance to sponsor "Orange Out" on Saturday, October 25th as Wounded Warrior Fundraiser!

Focus-on-Farming Business Plan Competition offers up to 80% off
lease in Incubator

Subsidized space and support services? Winners of the Focus-on-Farming business plan competition will receive up to 80% of the cost of leased space. [MORE]

Business Plan Competition Information
 Focus-on-Farming Brochure/Contest Info

Business Incubator offers
telecommuting offices/cubicles starting at $75/month

The Plainview EDA is now leasing telecommuting space in its new 2nd floor lab in the Plainview Business Center.  Space can be lease for $75/month and HBC is offering broadband for $30/month.
Call the Plainview EDA at 507-421-6564. 

Telecommuting Brochure
Telecommuting space - 1st Floor Offices

GoPlainview! goes live—
Retail Businesses promote Plainview; set schedule of events
Looking for a one-stop Facebook page that lets you know what's going on at Plainview area businesses. Check out   GoPlainview!

The Business Alliance has set a schedule of retail events for the year and will be hosting monthly "Retail Check-Ins" at the Plainview Business Center.

Sponsored by the Plainview Economic Development Authority (EDA)

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